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The Most Fun Games You Can Play on Facebook

You can find quite a few games on Facebook. There is a very large variety in these ranging from strategy games all the way over to speed challenges – and everything in between. By introducing some of the games I play, I hope to inspire you to get a better experience with Facebook games.

Mob Wars and Mafia Wars

Mob Wars and Mafia Wars are very similar games. You are the boss in a number of cities, and each have their different challenges. There are quite a few players around, and you need to build a strong base of fellow gamers to avoid being attacked by large mobs.

Oftentimes, it pays to get in touch with larger families, and ask them to join your mob. Exactly as in organized crime, numbers and money speak the common language understood by all, and you can easily run through the initial levels and meet more challenging assignments as you grow your mobs.


This is a rather fun game where you are your own boss owning a far with animals and vegetables to be grown. You get some very nice gameplay, but the game does lag at times due to quite a few players online. However, if you enjoy the thought of running your own business, this can be a nice way to develop some skills that will be useful for you later in life.


Just as in FarmVille, you run your own business, but this time the focus is on running your own cafe, and you will get lots of customers when you remember to have fresh coffee available, and when you run a selection of three to four dishes (or more), customers keep coming in. You can build a fortune in no time, and gameplay is rather fun as you are kept on your toes by incoming people waiting to be served.

AirPort City – Free to Fly

In this game you are faced with daily challenges, and running an entire airport is not nearly as easy as it sounds. You can get a good idea of a city simulation, and much like Train City, this is a game that will be enjoyed by all ages.


A very good way to expand your playing experience can be by watching what your Facebook friends are playing. This might give you a very good idea as to what you might also like to play next time you are on Facebook.

Enjoy Life In A Farm With Farming Simulation Games

Farming simulation games are becoming increasingly popular and people from all around the world enjoy living a virtual life in a beautiful farm.

Farming simulation games are meant to simulate the experience of village life and make the players feel what it’s like to have their own farm – players can manage the farm from every little aspect and take care of every little detail.

The main actions players can take in these games are: harvesting, sowing, raising animals (which means feeding them, playing with them and more), milking cows, selling produce, make money and much more. Those games simulate farm life in such a great way that they engage players and make it hard for them to stop playing.

Here are some of the best farming simulation games that you can play on each of your mobile devices. Have fun!

Let’s Farm – This wonderful game is suitable for everyone, children and adults, and has very easy controls and an addictive game-play. In Let’s Farm you will be able to plant fresh crops, cook tasty food, feed your lovely pets, make friends with your neighbors, trade your produce with farmers from all over the world, design your farm and complete dozens of challenging and exciting missions. The game itself is free but there are in-app items that you can purchase with real money. However, if you’re not willing to spend real money on the game it is definitely not a must. Let’s Farm is a great game and I strongly recommend you check it out.

Farm Town – Another awesome game is Farm town, which perfectly simulates country life. It has gorgeous graphics and a very colorful setting and it will totally provide you with fun and entertainment. You will grow a variety of crops, hay, vegetables, fruits and berries; you will develop your farm, take care of the cute animals and meet your neighbors. The characters in the game are so cute and friendly that you will immediately feel connected to them. Farm Town is the perfect game if you’re looking for farm simulations games, so make sure to give it a try!

So, what are you waiting for? Download and play the games I mentioned above and I promise you won’t be disappointed. They will provide you with hours of fun and enjoyment, and will definitely teach you a lot about what it’s like to live and work in a farm!

Types Of Bike Racing Games Available Online For Free

Boys love speed and bike racing is an obsession for them. They can turn their obsession into a passion with online bike racing games, provided they have access to a reliable website, which offers a fabulous collection in this genre. Here are some excellent bike racing games, which are available for free download from websites that will leave you breathless.

Scouring the websites online for bike racing games will leave you with a lot of options. All the games have one common purpose, i.e., To provide with a full-throttle gaming experience. Be part of ‘Superbike Racers’ a moto racing game available free for downloading from websites online where you feel the roar of bikes whizzing past your ears and the adrenaline pump in your veins. In the game, you will find a number of glittering motorbikes in a row.

Imagine you will be competing with the top-notch racers in the world. Here, your scoring scale is not just determined by your stamina to reach the finish line first, but also performs amazing stunts along the way to impress and add to the scoring meter. If you lack experience, enjoy practicing first in the Single Race Mode. Then, you can change to the Time Attack Mode if you want to break your own records. Laced with thrilling soundtrack and realistic visuals, this game is a sure thing to go for.

‘Crazy Serpentine’ is another game available for free downloading. This is yet another racing competition meant for the aces bikers. You have to be swift and attentive since your rivals are devious. There are 15 rivals in the row whom you have to beat to reach to the finish line. Indeed, this high-octane game has some commendable realistic 3D graphics and a perfect atmosphere to steal the show. Crazy speed, fire and water, winding roads, lights, dynamic music will meet you at every corner of the road where you take your bike to.

If you call yourself an extreme sports enthusiast, then opt for the ‘Super Motocross’ bike racing game available for free to download. It is extremely exciting to go through the hard-hitting, realistic fun of the tropical jungle like breakneck tricks, splitting speed, hollow spots, various leaps and twists. Being able to flip the tricks with your skills will add to the score. This is indeed an absorbing game with terrific graphics and display.

Undoubtedly, many gaming websites have a fabulous mixture of bike racing games. If you are ready to race through the dirt of the road and feel the wind in your face, then the above games are for you.

Video Gaming As A Spectator Sport

You would never guess what is the newest spectator sport, drawing large crowds, as well as big money from various sponsors! It is something called e-sports, and it basically represents professional gaming.

It looks like gaming is not any more confined solely to individual players, each participating in a game from the loneliness of his or her bedroom, forming teams that meet exclusively online. The virtual world has now gotten spectators!

The game industry is huge (and growing). But only once you compare the game industry to the music and movie industry, you realize how big it really is. At this moment, the game industry boasts larger revenues than the music industry, and it is close second only to the movie industry. In this light, it may not be so strange for professional gaming to try to enter into major-league spectator sport arena.

Professional video game competitions are known as e-sports. These game tournaments easily sell out huge arenas – and, just like any major-league spectator sport, attract large at-home audiences.

The money, of course, follows. Recently, at a game tournament organized by the game developer Valve Corporation, and won by Chinese gamers, there was more than ten millions in prize money awarded. And, the place was crowded: there were more than ten thousand spectators! In response, the advertising giants are readily lining up as sponsors.

It may sound strange, but there are millions to be won in such game tournaments! Top gamers earn six- or seven-figure incomes. Similar to, let’s say, top football players, top gamers are able to attract fervent followers as well. Young players are now dreaming of fame and fortune!

Yes, there really exist professional gamers, and they are treated the same as any other professional athlete! US State Department is now granting visas to professional gamers, and universities have just begun to dole athletic scholarships to gamers. Even Ivy League universities have intercollegiate gaming.

The gaming craze has seen its biggest deal with the Amazon’s acquisition of a live streaming gaming platform Twitch – for almost one billion. Is this a bubble in the making? Who knows! In the meantime, Twitch will continue to serve as a platform where tens of millions of people are watching billions of games each month. One thing is for sure: the global phenomenon of video gaming is now a live, must-watch sporting event! Against all odds, gaming has become a spectator sport.

Strategy War Games Online – Become Master Of The Virtual World

You will not find a single gamer who is not interested in playing strategy war games. Everyone likes to put their intellect to the test in the virtual world and come up with strategies that would win the war for them. The fight between light versus evil, and good versus bad, is seen as a great way to test out your strategizing skills, and hone them as you progress in the game.

The logical thinking, tactics and game plans, which apply strategy war games, require reflecting on your plans and strategies before they can be implemented. This helps you in improving your real life skills as well and actually ends up benefiting you in two ways, improving your intellect, while providing you entertainment at the same time. Especially in free browser based games, you must be quick and sharp, in order to beat other players from all around the world.

Strategy war games require that the players plan ahead and then decide on the course of action they plan to take. These are not just games, but a way to map out, how to win smartly without incurring too many losses. Ever since globalization took place, interacting with people from different cultures and walks of life has become easier. Online multiplayer strategy games are a great learning experience as to get to see different people in action, and compete with them.

Whether you play a strategy war game on a single or multiplayer basis, in either case, you’ll be sure to enjoy a lot. The choices available to you are varied, having different themes, with each game having its own storyline and plot. You can be sure to have an epic adventure, full of entertainment, with games like Battle Gear, School Wars, Gem Craft, etc. every game will put you in situations, where you will have to conceptualize and then devise a strategy to win, with minimal casualties.

Online multiplayer strategy games can be quite thrilling, as you are against an opponent who, just like you, is trying to think of a strategy to beat you. Because you are not competing with the computer, therefore, the results may be unexpected and exciting. You will keep on thinking until you beat your opponent, thereby, making it the ideal way to improve your concentration and tactical skills.

There are different sites, which offer an extensive array of strategy war games online for your entertainment.